Published work

Some of my work is published in print or online and is freely available (as opposed to grey literature - reports that don't see the light of day beyond the client).

Keele Research (2007 onwards)

Citizenship for all: including the BNP in the neighbourhood polity Download pdf
The new British citizen: the political implications of citizenship tests and ceremonies in the UK (with Sherilyn MacGregor and Andy Dobson) Download pdf
The Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes: Risk, the "Innocent", and Looking Guilty Download pdf

CDF work (2004-6)

Our Kids, Our Community (with Kate Jones) Download pdf
NSF Evaluation Download summary pdf (full report available from CDF)

Other work

Leisure Cycling (London Cycling Campaign) Download pdf
Knowing the Score (with Tim Crabbe et al) Download pdf
Funding Football from the grassroots to the Championship (with Vision 21) Download pdf
Women Playing Sport? (with Vision 21) Download word doc
Out of the Shadows (with Vision 21) Download word doc

Letters to the Guardian

I've had a few letters published in the Guardian. I'd say about 50% of those I've sent in.
What £400,000? (10/12/02)
Taking the rap for gun culture (10/01/03)
Paying the price of debt? (17/10/03)
Warning for the smugs (03/07/04)
Stan's the man [David Beckham] (12/05/05)
Second homes and the housing crisis 08/08/05 10/08/05
Lecturers' Pay (14/03/06)
Now hear this (30/11/06)
A new world of rhymes (22/05/07)
Alcohol, pregnancy and the state (31/05/07)
Citizenship test and British values (05/08/09)

Some of the letters that weren't published, and some other thoughts are on my blog...
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