About radiator.org.uk

This site is a project of Gavin Bailey. I'm a PhD student and freelance researcher working on issues of community, politics, multiculturalism/identity and young people. The site includes details of my current PhD work and previous research work, links to published work and some of my photos too.

The radiator theme is a reaction against the prevailing view that 'more heat than light' is a bad thing, light representing the creation of small pieces of discrete knowledge that are supposedly indisputable (e.g. statistics that prove X causes Y), incisive and useful. As I'm a believer in a more anarchistic theory of knowledge, I think that 'heat', including debate about definitions and categories (perhaps the jumbling of heat convection?), and a broad analysis (radiation with a wide frequency?) that avoids simplification, is more likely to get us to truth than a set of discrete facts. However, this is shown more in my blog than in published work. Believe me, you don't get letters about the use of statistics published in the Guardian.

The site began with the blog and I liked it so much the whole site's design is based on that of the blog. It's the PressRow template at WordPress. There's a link to this and other relevant sites on each page of the site.